Ticks Pest Control in Dover

Ticks Biology

Ticks are a fact of life for anyone lucky enough to live in or near the country-woods, forests, or fields. Ticks feed on blood and are often carriers of diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Typhus. Ticks crawl, and as they do not jump or fly, they climb onto an appropriate high object (think trees, tall grasses or weeds, even fences) and wait for a suitable target to pass by and then they drop on him! Opportunistic little rascals, aren't they?

Ticks have 8 legs and swell in size after a blood meal. Ticks start outside, but will of course hitch a ride on hosts and prospects to try their luck indoors also. Ticks can be observed almost anywhere once they get indoors.

Ticks Treatment

Your Accurate Pest Control Service Technician is going to reduce the population of ticks around your home by thoroughly treating the yard, shrubberies, and other landscape features around the home with a general-purpose insecticide labeled for tick eradication. He or she may also recommend trimming grasses, weeds, and bushes around the home as well as implementing some specific individual protection for your family members (tick repellents to be put on before playing outside, tick repellents approved by your veterinarian for your cat or dog, etc.)

Because ticks can carry diseases, effective pest control of ticks is vitally important for the safety and health of you and your family!