Treating Silverfish in Dover

Silverfish Biology

Silverfish are from ½ inch to ¾ inch long, and have flattened, long and slender bodies, broad at the front, smaller at the back. Silverfish, are well, generally silver in color (!), and can run very quickly. They are generally found close to their food source of any of a number of different foods containing proteins and carbohydrates-such as paper, starch, casein, glue, oats, beef, cotton, sugar, dead insects, or linens. Even with such a diverse and special diet, Silverfish manifest a capability to live for a long time without any food-which capability makes them marvelously resilient to control and eradication efforts!

Silverfish are more a nuisance than a dangerous pest, but they can eat small amounts of human food and contaminate it with their droppings.

Silverfish Treatment

Clutter reduction and removal, as well as moisture reduction and control must typically be combined with insecticidal application to eliminate a silverfish infestation. Insecticidal dusts and or space treatments may be in order, as well as crack-and-crevice efforts. Your Accurate Pest Control Service Technician will know just what to do to maximize his or her treatment of your home or business!