Rats and Mice Pest Control in Dover

Rats & Mice Biology

Rats and mice have been around a long time, and with the possible exception of ants, are the most common household and commercial pest. Rats and mice are called commensal rodents, which means "they share the table!" Through the loss and spoilage of food, as well as damage formed by their incessant gnawing (the name "rodent" itself means "to gnaw"), rats and mice cause damage which runs into the millions of dollars. They can also carry some nasty diseases, including typhoid, dysentery, hantaviruses, trichinosis, rat-bite fever, plague, salmonellosis, and murine typhus, among others.

Rats & Mice come in different colors, though browns and greys are most prominent, even black. Because rodents can readily adapt themselves to so many different situations and environments, their behavior can greatly vary from one infestation to the next. Rats & mice do not see very well, but their senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing are excellent.

A female mouse is able to give birth approximately every 24 to 28 days, so call us right away!

Rats & Mice Treatment

Accurate Pest Control has been successful time and again in many rodent infestations, and we will bring that experience and training to bear on freeing your home from this nasty and potentially very dangerous problem. The bulk of our rodent treatment program consists in using baits, which baits are the least toxic available to non-target animals. Our baits are much less dangerous to you, your children, and your pets than are the ones typically available at the grocery store or hardware store. In addition, our baits are locked in tamper-resistant stations to keep pets and kids out of them. We will place the baits in the areas where they will do the most good, which areas we know from years of experience.

We may also assist you with exclusion modifications to your home and business, as well as any sanitation tips that may be in order.