Treating Millipedes

Millipedes Biology

Millipedes typically live outdoors in moist areas. They are brownish, from 1 to 1 ½ inches long, and most active in the evenings. Millipedes tend to have round body shapes and move slowly. They feed on damp vegetable matter, even if decayed, or if green and new. Millipedes may protect themselves by secreting a stinky odor. Yuck!

Millipedes are sometimes known as "thousand-leggers" which is what their name literally means! Bug doctors affirm these little guys occasionally will come indoors.

Millipedes Treatment

Millipede treatment will usually involve harborage removal and exclusion, and or insecticidal treatment. Residual sprays and barrier treatments can also be effective. Your Accurate Pest Control Service Technician will know what to do, and will do his or her best to provide an effective treatment, safe for you and your family.