Pest Control of Crickets in Dover

Crickets Biology

Crickets are cousins to grasshoppers and katydids. The name "cricket" comes from the French language and approximates the chirping sound that they are so well known for emitting. Crickets are somewhat related to cockroaches, and likewise are omnivorous, eating all sorts of different foods including paper and even rubber. Crickets in a crawlspace or basement are typically a symptom of a moisture problem.

Some species of crickets are House Crickets, Field Crickets, Mole Crickets, Camel or Cave Crickets, as well as the Jerusalem Cricket.

Crickets Treatment

Crickets are treatable both by insecticides and moisture reduction / habitat modification. Clutter in the affected area should be removed or minimized, and direct treatments combined with perimeter treatments will likely yield the best results. Your Accurate Pest Control Service Technician will also show how moisture can be controlled with a dehumidifier and or sump pump and drain system, if needed. Sometimes baits can also be effective in cricket control.

Sometimes problem infestations are addressed by other indirect methods such as adjusting the number or type of electric lights left on around a building at night. Crickets are drawn to light, and this characteristic should not be lightly dismissed as a solution plan is drawn up.