Pest Control of Cockroaches in Dover

Cockroaches Biology

With an estimated 3,500 species worldwide, Cockroaches are very common insect pests which species come in assorted sizes, usually brownish or black in color. Disease-producing organisms and bacteria have been found on cockroaches, and they are definitely a threat to human health and well-being, primarily through the spoilage of food and the vectoring of gastroenteritis, but also due to the causation of asthma in humans who live amongst high roach populations.

Cockroaches are remarkably resilient to efforts to exterminate them, and have earned a place in the pest professionals' Hall of Fame for "Hard-to-Treat Insect Pests!" One of the reasons why is because they can develop pesticide resistance. Another reason is their ability to hide in difficult-to-access harborages, as well as their ability to reproduce quickly.

Cockroaches Treatment

Whether residential or commercial, Accurate Pest Control has the tools and the talent to get rid of these little beasties! Our professional service technician may use a "cocktail" mixture of insecticides to fry these roaches, as well as insect-growth-regulators (IGR's) to hinder the reproductive ability of those surviving stragglers that withstand the chemical onslaught. Additional corrective sanitation recommendations may be made, and further trapping, monitoring, or baiting may be recommended.