Nothing ruins your sleep like waking up to itchy skin and bite marks. If it's not mosquitos, it's likely you have bed bugs, small insects feeding at night on human blood. If you might be able to control fleas and ants by improving your cleaning routine, bed bugs are unlikely to respond to such measures.

Where do bed bugs come from?
Bed bugs don't just appear in your house because you forgot to vacuum, unless they were there when you moved in. Typically, people bring the bugs or their eggs in inside suitcases, bags, used furniture, etc. Bed bugs then reproduce feeding on warm-blooded mammals at night and hiding in folds and crevices during the day.

Throwing away an infested matrass might help, but won't solve your bed bug problem. Once inside your home, bed bugs can travel from room to room hiding in various inconspicuous spots. Our specialists from Accurate Termite & Pest Control can help you locate the bed bugs and exterminate them through a combination of non-toxic methods. Call us and we'll make sure bed bugs never disturb your sleep again.